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Science at Woodhouse Primary School

At Woodhouse we regard Science learning as a key for our children to unlock the mysteries of their environment and the world in which they live.

The overall aim at Woodhouse is to provide children with the necessary skills and knowledge to make sense of the world around them, building on the children’s natural enthusiasm and curiosity. We aim for all children to develop an active enquiring mind, a scientific, logical approach to problems and an intuitive and creative response to challenges. We also aim to give children a sound knowledge of scientific phenomena and an appreciation of the importance of science in the world and its contribution to society. We wish them to develop an interest in science and the confidence to develop to their full potential.

At Woodhouse we follow the guidance from The National Curriculum 2014. Science areas of study are assigned to year groups and terms and link to other subjects where appropriate. Children are taught to work scientifically to develop investigative and experimental skills as a thread which runs through all other science learning (and many other subjects as well). Across KS1 the emphasis is on learning about plants and animals including humans (Biology) and materials (Chemistry). Across the two phases of KS2 the learning covers aspects of Physics (Light, Sound, Electricity, Forces and the Earth in Space) as well as Biology and Chemistry.