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RE at Woodhouse Primary School

Religious Education at Woodhouse promotes the personal, spiritual, moral and cultural development of our pupils. It enables pupils to learn about religious beliefs and practices through their own experience as individuals, in their communities and from the experience of others.

RE does not seek to convert or urge a particular religion or belief on pupils.

School leaders’ responsibilities

It is the head teacher’s duty to ensure that:

· RE is provided in accordance with this Agreed Syllabus for all registered pupils at the school;

· parents receive an annual written report on their child(ren)’s progress in RE;

· requests from parents for the withdrawal of their child(ren) from RE are responded to, and alternative arrangements made, so long as it does not incur any additional cost to the school or the local authority.

The governing body is responsible for ensuring that:

· RE is included in the curriculum;

· sufficient time and resources are devoted to RE to enable the school to meet its legal obligations and to deliver an RE curriculum of quality.

The school follows the Trafford Agreed Syllabus and the yearly overview can be found below.

We provide daily collective worship for our children and whilst this includes religious education it is in addition and not in place of the religious education being taught within the curriculum. Religious education  is also complemented by our PSHCE programme which promotes the social, moral and physical well-being of pupils and helps to prepare them for their role in society.

Parents have the right to remove their child from RE lessons and/or collective worship.

Requests for withdrawal from RE or collective worship should be made to the headteacher.