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Geography at Woodhouse Primary School

The intent of the geography curriculum is that our children will have a deep understanding of their local environment and the diverse surroundings in the wider world, with appreciation to human and physical characteristics. We will deliver a curriculum that:  Inspires a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people  Equips children with an understanding of diverse places, people, resources and environments around them  Allows children to build on prior learning about physical and human processes and the formation and use of landscapes and environments  Develops an understanding that the Earth’s features are interconnected and change over time  Encourages exploration of their own environment and challenges pupils to make connections between their local surroundings and that of contrasting settlements  Use local area and community to develop geographical skills and knowledge Our curriculum provides a clear progression of knowledge and skills across KS1 and KS2, whilst providing children with opportunities to be Geographers themselves, through fieldwork and enquiry based learn