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Geography at Woodhouse Primary School

At Woodhouse we aim to deliver high-quality geography education in order to inspire pupils to learn about the world and its people. We aim to deliver pupils with a knowledge and understanding about diverse places, people, resources and environments and of the Earth’s key physical and human processes.

At KS1, our children will explore their own locality, the United Kingdom and its capital cities, identify seasonal weather patterns and look at hot and cold areas of the globe.

As children move on to KS2 they extend their knowledge to a wider area of the globe and look at physical and human characteristics of our planet and how they relate to one another.

At Woodhouse our learning will develop the skills necessary to collect, analyse and communicate a range of data gathered through fieldwork in order to develop a deeper understanding of geographical processes.

At Woodhouse we interpret a range of geographical information through the use of maps, globes and aerial photographs and present information in a range of creative ways.