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Ethos and Values

The aims of our school are:-

  1. to maintain an ethos in which children feel happy, safe, secure  and  confident
  2. to provide the highest quality teaching and learning ensuring there is a broad and balanced curriculum appropriate to each child’s stage of development and which gives them the opportunity to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, concepts and attitudes to achieve their best standards.
  3. to provide a stimulating and challenging environment where children are encouraged to explore and question, developing as independent people able to take responsibility for their own learning.
  4. to value and develop each child as an individual whilst ensuring that all children have equal entitlement and equality of opportunities in all aspects of school life.
  5. to teach the acceptable standards of behaviour and attitudes in our society and to develop in children an understanding of and respect for others.

These aims are shared with children through

‘The Woodhouse Way’

Look after the people, places and things in our school.

Challenge yourself, do your best and never give up.

Be proud of the things that you and others do.

Work and play and get along together.

Woodhouse Wonders follow the Woodhouse Way

We also have a

Woodhouse Way for our staff

Value, challenge and support children to reach their full potential.

Make learning exciting – enrich children’s minds.

Support each other, work together, share your strengths and respect those of others.

Be a role model. If you want the best – be the best.

Breathe and be kind to yourself.