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English at Woodhouse Primary School

Key Stage One

Children are introduced to reading as a purposeful activity which is interesting and enjoyable.  We wish to give our pupils an enthusiasm for books which will stay with them throughout their lives.

We use a structured synthetic phonics programme ‘Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised’ and children have daily phonics lessons. Children are encouraged to apply their reading and writing skills in many contexts e.g. in whole class lessons, group work and individually. Their reading will include stories, poems, plays and non -fiction texts. Children are taught to write in a variety of formats for a range of purposes learning the appropriate grammar and punctuation and to form letters correctly.  Speaking and listening skills are developed to help children speak clearly, articulate experiences, information, opinions and listen and respond respectfully to others.

We have a structured spelling programme for children in Years 2 to 6.


Key Stage Two

All the skills introduced and developed in Key Stage One are continued and extended and there is continuity in the English programme.  Pupils are taught more complex skills of grammar, punctuation and comprehension, of analysing, evaluating and organising texts, of using a dictionary and the library system. They are given a range of reading texts which are varied and challenging. Pupils are expected to use the school and other libraries, including those on-line to further their enjoyment of reading, for research and for developing inquiry skills. Poetry, drama and creative writing are used as a means of encouraging individual expression and pupils are taught the skills of debating and putting forward their views clearly. Children are expected through the teaching programme to widen their vocabulary and develop their writing in a range of forms.

Key Learning in English for each year group can be found below.