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Computing at Woodhouse Primary School

At Woodhouse Primary School, we intend to instil enjoyment to pupils using technology alongside an awareness of remaining safe and respectful online. It is important for our children to understand and appreciate the capabilities of technology, therefore providing them with opportunities to create, manage, organise and collaborate. We encourage our children to work together; the computing curriculum supports this in allowing collaborative work that challenges pupils’ communication and teamwork skills. The layout of the spiral curriculum means that children revisit previous learning in greater depth to extend their knowledge and skills. Children will learn to tinker with software and programs to enable them to be confident when encountering new technology; this is a vital skill in the ever evolving and changing landscape of technology. The digital literacy and online safety units in the curriculum form part of our school values, encouraging respect for one another online and ensuring that children are aware of how to keep themselves safe making for responsible online citizens. It is our intent for pupils to be digitally competent while also equipping them with transferable skills for the future workplace as well as the skills needed for life in the digital world. The scheme of work enables pupils to meet the end of Key Stage attainment targets outlined in the National Curriculum.